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Penguin Poll!

penguin pollClubpenguin has a new poll!

To get to this go to

Instead of pressing PLAY NOW look at the top and click community.

Then you will see the poll!


What did u pick?

Is Rockhopper gonna be on time?

If you go to the Lighthouse and look in the telescope you can clearly see that Rockhopper is not getting closer at all! Why is this? Is he having complications at sea? He has done this before!

On the Clubpenguin news the Fair party is on September 4-13. September 4th is 4 days away! Is Rockhopper going to be here in 4 days? Usually when you look in the telescope it takes about a week and a half for him to get closer and closer until he reaches the beach!

So my question to you penguins out there is Do you think Rockhopper will be there September 4th to present the party? He better be its opening day! Clubpenguin has done this in the past though. His boat crashed a few times……enough with the crap Clubpenguin! We just wanna see Rockhopper!

What do YOU think is going to happen?
Leave a comment below!


How to Clone your Penguin!

On my new and improved website! It teaches you how to clone your penguin! Its a really good tutorial.

Check it out if you are interested!

New website!

Please go to my NEW WEBSITE! Its going to have giveaways like a Nintendo DSi! Giftcards towards ClubPenguin, clubpengin stuff animals, card-jitsu cards! and MANY MANY MORE THINGS TO GIVE AWAY! Its also going to have a lot more cheats and just everything! I just really hope you guys like it!


Please go there! it doesnt even look like a blog. it looks like a professional website!

Waddle on my penguins!

New Sports Catalog!

Here is the front cover of the Snow and Sports Catalog for Aug-Nov!
sport cat

Here is Page 1 of the catalog:

page 1

Here is Page 2:

page 2

Here is Page 3:

page 3

Here is page 4:

page 4

Page 4 offers three background for all people including non-members. They are 60 coins each.

I didnt find any cheats for the catalog! Maybe they will add some later?

What do you think of the catalog?

New Pin!

koi fish

The new Pin is located in the Cove! Its a Koi Fish pin!

wonder what this is

There is some boxes in the lighthouse check them out!

There is one box with red and yellow stripes inside it. What do you think it is?

Maybe a tent?